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We are conducting epidemiological studies both in Japan and overseas on the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, mental disorders, and COVID-19, which place a high burden on the public.

(1) Japan Epidemiology Collaboration on Occupational Health Study (J-ECOH study)

The J-ECOH study is a large-scale study involving more than 10 companies (approximately 100,000 employees) headquartered in the Kanto and Tokai regions of Japan. Since the launch of the study in 2012, we have been collecting data on health checkups, long-term sickness absence, and pre-retirement deaths via an occupational physician network. We have conducted various research projects using the data, such as the development of a tool to predict the risk of diabetes using machine learning, which is available on our website.

(2) Occupational epidemiological studies on nutrition and physical activity

As a sub-study of the J-ECOH study, we are conducting epidemiological studies on nutrition and physical activity in relation to glucose metabolism and depressive symptoms.

For more information, please visit our department’s site (mainly in Japanese).