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Biostatistics Section


  • Section Head:Yukari Uemura
  • Senior Researcher:Yosuke Shimizu
  • Researcher:Hidemasa Nose
  • Researcher:Shu Tamano
  • Assistant Researcher:Junko Fukuma
  • Assistant Researcher:Maki Kubo

Introduction of Biostatistics Section

The Biostatistics Section focuses on research activities related to biostatistics and supporting clinical research as a trial statistician.
Biostatistics is a science that provides methodologies for planning, collecting, and analyzing data in biological and medical research. In our section, we mainly focus on developing valid and efficient research designs, analytical plans, data analysis, and publication of results to generate evidence for the efficacy and safety of drugs, etc. In addition, we also work to address various statistical issues that arise in clinical trials and to develop more advanced statistical methods to further contribute to medical science.
We contribute to the development of medicine through careful communication with researchers and specialized staff involved in clinical research.

Our main areas of activity include the following.

●Support for clinical research
We participate and support as a biostatistician for various types of clinical research.

●Research activities
・Research on study design, especially in the field of developments of treatments and vaccines in infectious diseases, and statistical considerations on master protocols.
・Regulatory science research related to biostatistics
・Analysis and research on evidence generation using real-world data, including registry data

●Statistical consultation for clinical research

List of Publications[PDF]