Build the future with us! We support a variety of partnerships to promote research and development.

What is the Department of Academic-Industrial Partnerships Promotion?

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine (NCGM), which includes a center hospital, research institute, and clinical research center with general hospital functions, is engaged in international health cooperation for diseases to promote health in a wide range of fields. The department also bridges academic and clinical research with the aim to develop pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic methods.
The Department of Academic-Industrial Partnerships Promotion research and development by facilitating collaboration, not only internally but also with companies, universities, and research institutions, enhances competitiveness. In particular, we support various contracts, intellectual property rights, and formulation of new research themes. We also hold events to connect researchers and companies, and support the development of companies wishing to expand their business internationally. This website outlines the details of the support provided for industry-academia-government collaboration. (Department Chief: Moto Kimura)

We offer consultation on the following activities:

  • Consultation on intellectual property rights
  • Drawing up contracts related to joint research.
  • Setting up meetings between researchers and companies.
  • Development of medical devices that meet the needs of the medical field.

We also conduct on the following activities:

  • Organizing events related to industry-academia collaboration.
  • Management of specimen storage in clinical research.