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Message from our Director


 Welcome to the Department of International Trials! 

Our department is part of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, one of the six main centers in Japan which is located in the heart of Tokyo. We are an academic research organization that focuses on designing, giving support, and implementing clinical trials. Our target diseases range from infectious or communicable to non-communicable illnesses with emphasis on those that have been neglected, but currently having global interests. We are establishing an extensive network of research collaborations with health professionals and specialists from Asia, Africa, and other countries, who have the same vision of promoting optimum health worldwide through medical innovations. We hope to reach the needs of every nation, especially less privileged areas inaccessible to healthcare, by imparting, bridging, and delivering advanced technology. 


Innovation for global health


To contribute improvements in medical care by promoting the development and introduction of new medical products, and by providing evidence to develop appropriate clinical procedures,  through establishment of an international trial network across countries.



Development of new drugs and medical technologies has undergone significant changes in recent years. Clinical research collaborations directed towards ensuring reliability, efficiency, and standardization in drug development have drastically increased globally. We believe that extending our role and functions in the international arena would foster a network of multiple research collaborations with our partner countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through this initiative, we hope to continuously provide improvements in medical care beyond what has already been conducted in the past by broadening our scope and strengthening our ties with other underprivileged countries.  

In promoting international clinical research collaborations, many challenges such as different regulatory requirements among countries, coordination with companies, cultural heterogeneity, and variations in health priorities should be taken into consideration. Together with partner countries, international clinical research collaborations will be enhanced to find solutions and overcome these obstacles. Each country will be able to have its own contribution to the improvement of global health. 

Cooperation with everyone is essential in our efforts to realize the development of next-generation healthcare in various medical specialties.


  1. Establish an international collaborative clinical research support system through public-academic-private partnership and support the international expansion of Japanese products and innovations in the medical field. 
  2. Build a network of human resources for joint clinical researches by training and hiring health professionals and form overseas base facilities to serve as platforms for collaboration. 
  3. Share relevant information and strengthen the relationship with potential industrial organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions by regularly holding international forums.


Org Chart

Department of International Trials (DIT) was established in July 2016 and has been conducting international clinical researches and trials with the Bureau of International Health cooperation and other departments in NCGM. NCGM itself has more than 30 years-experience in international health, managing an advanced hospital in central Tokyo, and has laboratories that are actively involved in the frontline researches on malaria, AIDS, and hepatitis.


We provide supports from designing research designs, selecting test facilities to reporting test results. In addition, we also provide exit consultation related to sales strategies after obtaining regulatory approval in the relevant country.