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The National Center for Global Health and Medicine and Clinical Research Malaysia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for clinical research cooperation. ~ Expanding Clinical Research in Malaysia~

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between NCGM and the Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) was signed on 14th October at the CRM Connect Trials Conference in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Both parties expect to collaborate for clinical research through ARO Alliance for ASEAN and East Asia (ARISE). The president of NCGM, Dr. Norihiro Kokudo, attended the event virtually, while Dr. Iiyama, the Director of the Department of International Trials (DIT), CCS was present in person to witness the signing. From the CRM, Dr. Akhmal Yusof, the Director, signed the MOU. The event was also attended by the Minister of Health of Malaysia, Mr. Khairy Jamaluddin, and the ambassador of Japan for Malaysia, Mr. Katsuhiko Takahashi. It was a rather special event for Malaysia and Japan's collaboration in clinical research.

During the event, DIT participated in the Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM) Connect Trials Conference in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, held on 14th-15th October. Dr. Iiyama presented ARISE activities in the conference and DIT opened the exhibit boot to introduce its international clinical research projects. The Minister of Health of Malaysia and ambassador Takahashi visited the booth and were introduced to NCGM and ARISE network activities. Through this exhibit, we could introduce DIT’s activities to many international participants, including academia, industries, and clinical research organizations. Taking advantage of these encounters, we are further extending our international collaborations for Singapore and so on.



    President Kokudo,
    Minister of Health, Prof. Yusof, Dr.Iiyama, Ambassador


    Dr. Iiyama, Minister of MOH, Ambassador at the NCGM booth


    Dr. Iiyama presented ARISE


    Ms. Sonoda and Ms. Siburian visited CRM

On Monday, 17th October, DIT also had the opportunity to visit the CRM headquarter and the University of Malaya Medical Center (UMMC). At the CRM headquarter, DIT could observe the operation of its clinical research support and deepen more understanding of clinical trials conduct in Malaysia. CRM operates under the Ministry of health of Malaysia to facilitate the clinical trial conduct at the public hospitals of Malaysia. Recently it has completed its Phase 1 Realisation Project (P1RP) that ensures the readiness of Malaysia for First-in-Human trials. In 2021, 215 sponsored trials had gained ethical approval, which is the highest number reported in the last eight years. Around 45% of the sponsored studies are conducted at the MOH facilities.

UMMC is the leading Academic Research Organization (ARO) for clinical research in Malaysia and has been involved in clinical research over 20 years. It operates under the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and has an advanced clinical research unit. It is also working closely with CRM. Like CRM, UMMC has been involved in nearly 300 clinical trials last year. UMMC is interested in joining ARISE, the NCGM-led ARO network for clinical research in Asia. Collaborations with CRM and UMMC Malaysia will surely strengthen the clinical trials network among ASEAN and East Asia countries.

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    Clinical Research Malaysia

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    Ms. Sonoda and Ms. Siburian visited UMMC